Canine Applications

Competition or Domestic Cryocool Can Assist.


  • When tissues are inflamed, pain management and rehabilitation can start with cryotherapy.
  • Cryotherapy is effective for reducing swelling and inflammation for tissues that are chronically inflamed, recently injured, or postoperative.

Canine Target Areas

  1. Muscles
  2. Back
  3. Flexors
  4. Stifles
  5. Hip and Tarsal Extensors


Elevate Your Greyhound’s Health

Is your greyhound’s performance at its peak? Muscle injuries are common in greyhounds due to their unique body structure and muscle distribution. To produce maximum power, strength, and acceleration in a race, their muscles must be in pristine condition. That’s where Cryo Therapy comes in!

Supple Spinal Muscles for Optimal Performance

For optimal performance, greyhounds require supple spinal muscles to lead a happy and healthy life. This is particularly important as they are bred for speed, stamina, and acceleration. Cryo Therapy focuses on key areas such as the epaxial muscles, shoulder, and cervical region, promoting range of motion and ventilation. By effectively relieving pain and tension, Cryo Therapy maximizes your greyhound’s performance and aids in their recovery. At Cryocool Australia, we are committed to ensuring the well-being of your greyhound through targeted muscle therapy.

Enhance Hip Extensors and Flexors

Hip extensor and flexor pain can severely impact a dog’s mobility, but Cryo Cool Australia offers effective solutions, particularly for greyhounds. These specific muscles play a vital role in enhancing a dog’s speed and overall performance. By providing targeted Cryotherapy treatment to the gluteals and semi-membranous muscles, Cryo Cool Australia helps optimize your greyhound’s acceleration capabilities, reducing hip pain and maximizing their potential. Enhance your dog’s hip extensors and flexors with Cryo Cool Australia.

Optimize Stifle Flexion and Extension

The canine stifle flexion and extension muscles generate a tremendous amount of power and require constant flexibility. Cryo Therapy ensures that the vastus group and rectus femoris are working correctly, allowing your canine to be agile, pain-free, and ready to maximize speed and acceleration when needed

Unleash the Power of Tarsal Extensors

Tarsal extensors play a vital role in the freedom of motion for your greyhound’s body. The torque generated through the tarsus joint relies on the health of the greyhound’s muscle and tendon architecture, with the gastrocnemius as a crucial component. By keeping all these areas healthy, you amplify your dog’s power and potential.

The Therapeutic Process and Benefits

Elevate your greyhound’s performance with Cryo Therapy and unlock the true potential of your racing companion. Invest in their health and success with Cryo Cool today!


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